June 3, 2012

Number 9....

You know those people who step into your life and you think it will be forever? I had one of those, and it's not that anything happened, just that for some reason neither of us seem to be able to make our friendship a priority. Now I have multiple people in my life who fit that description, but most of them it's no problem. I know if something were to come up we'd still have eachother's back. There's one specific person who I can't seem to get out of my mind, but doesn't seem to want to be in my life.
She is amazing always has been. For years we were friends who only talked once a year. Then we got out of high school and for a while you couldn't separate us. Now she has a daughter I haven't even met yet, and a husband I've only seen twice.
I don't know if our paths are suppose to still do something for each other. But for now we seem pretty estranged, and I can't help but feel sad over that.
Bedroll, You are amazing. Your smile is infectious. You are brilliant. You could chase the clouds and eventually catch them. You will make an amazing Mom! And I'm so glad you finally have a man that works with you, and is willing to put forth as much effort as you. I don't know what happened. But I still think about you often. Thanks for touching my life. Maybe I just need to embrace that saying, "Some people walk into your life for a reason and a season." Our season was long. I hope we'll have another one. Keep smiling, and keep trusting God. He's still on your side I'm sure. I love you my dear.
Thanks, MDJ


  1. This is very sweet Mary. I feel that way too sometimes. I love the hymn "each life that touches ours for good we'll hold forever in our hearts" It's so true.

  2. Thanks Alicia. I really appreciate that.

  3. I don't know which email is your current email and I'm not feeling too sure about which phone numbers are correct b/c of my switch to a newer phone... You should give me your contact info again