December 30, 2013

My Parent's Family as Cartoon Royalty ;) This was Fun!

So on the way to taking John and Heidi & co. to the airport we had fun deciding what fictional royalty we thought all the siblings with their spouses would be. We decided on all the kids but hadn't worked out all the kinks... so then Andrew & I finished with Karen & Buzz. John requested I blog it all out so everyone could see. :) It was fun. It'll be fun to see what you all think, enjoy!

Mom and Dad
           We hadn't come up with this one on the way to the airport so it's one we came up with later:
Belle & Beast/Adam. 

Bethany & Ryan
     We did come up with something for Bethany and Ryan on the way to the airport, but then Karen & Buzz suggested differently and we completely agreed:
Minnie & Mickey

John & Heidi
This was one of the harder ones, and some of you might complain because we are going to vary from the Disney theme, we did come up with a Disney variant if people really want to hear it.
Derek & Odette


Martha & Tim
This one was unanimous on all fronts. 
Rapunzel & Flynn Ryder/Eugene Fitzherbert

One day she'll find a man that'll do anything for her 'song'. 

Mary & Andrew
More because I'm Tiana than he is Naveen, but we both definitely had much to learn with our love, still are. 
Tiana & Naveen 

Karen & Buzz
This one was another unanimous, we're grateful for the 'Diamond in the Rough'. 
Jasmine & Aladdin 

Her character is still left to develop so much

So what do you all think? :-D

October 11, 2013

Rice Krispie Cake

I've been meaning to post this since July. This cake was SO easy and fun for everyone! It was gone before people who came late to the party could even get some. (Next time, maybe a bigger cake?)
It was my husband's birthday, and he isn't a big cake person. BUT he LOVES cereal, if there is a favorite food of his, cereal is it in an overall sense. So, when I saw a similar cake in a picture for Cheerios :) This just seemed right. And he loved it (in matter of fact he's put more effort into this post then I have). 

It really is layers of cereal, and it was delicious. 

So for the recipe:
Rice Krispies birthday cake
-1 stick of Butter/margarine                            -12 oz small marshmallows
~8 cups of plain Rice Krispies                        ~4 cups of cocoa Rice Krispies
-2 circular pans
1.      Melt ¾ stick margarine in large sauce pan over low heat. Add 8 cups of marshmallows and stir until melted and well-blended, stirring constantly. Remove from heat.
2.      In separate margarine coated bowl Add plain cereal and marshmallows. Stir until well coated.
3.      Using buttered spatula or waxed paper, dived and press mixture evenly and firmly into 2 buttered 8 inch circular pans.
4.      While plain cereal is cooling repeat steps 1 and 2 for the Cocoa Rice Krispies
Begin assembly:
5.      Place one layer of plain Rice Krispies on plate/ platter
6.      Place 1/4 Cocoa Rice Krispie mixture  as a thin even layer on top of the first plain Rice Krispie layer (middle filling)
7.      Place second layer of plain Rice Krispies on top of everything
8.      Use remaining Cocoa Rice Krispies as an even coating over entire cake
9.      Decorate with sprinkles or decorations as desired

Rnjoy! We sure did!

February 2, 2013

Me Amo..... Diez..... CookieMonster!

So I have been SUPER busy this last month. It has felt great today being able to take care of life's normal responsibilities. I am SO happy to be back in class! Because of midterms (that I mostly took yesterday) I have less homework & classes this weekend. (For any who missed it I just started at BYU. Its been VERY good for me.) So as I have been busy I have pondered much on what to blog next. I want to blog in recognition of my CookieMonster. (If I can claim her at all.)
CookieMonster has been super busy in her life as well, working a lot & just got engaged. Plus both of us without cars right now. I miss her a lot. But there is one beautiful thing about CookieMonster that I feel greatly needs to be recognized.
I have never had a friend like CookieMonster, it doesn't matter if she's living under the same roof or hundreds of miles away she has taken time to think of me, call & love me, she is ALWAYS understanding. And I LOVE that she isn't afraid to get after me when I am lame and forget to call her for weeks again.
I love CookieMonster dearly, she's helped me believe in myself in the last couple years when I have felt ready to break.
CookieMonster is going to make a great wife (& Mother one day). It makes me so joyous to see the genuine joy/happiness/gladness that she has found with Dr.Hero (her fiance). I'm grateful they have each other.
I am horrible at calling people and figuring out how to add them into the craziness I call life. But CookieMonster let's me know whats what. She is brilliant & we have had many deep conversations (as well as a LOT of laughs)! I value her opinion greatly from fashion, to gospel, life, culture, animals (including humans), and family. And ofcourse lots of things in between.
Thank you CookieMonster! You have a permanent place in our hearts & family! (And we're super happy for you & Dr. Hero! Thanks for being a part of her Dr. Hero!)

December 2, 2012

A Star & A Napkin

Last December I had the pleasure of being in a Christmas choir. The beautiful woman (we'll call her Star because its an abbreviation of her name) directed it & just taught me a lot. I have admired, loved, and respected her for years before this. After this we became good friends. But in the midst of this my body was kind of freaking out & trying to convince its-self that it was pregnant. This was VERY hard on us. We wanted it so bad, but didn't know if we could trust it & were worried about the symptoms I was having if I wasn't pregnant. Eventually we had an ultrasound (after a positive pregnancy test, but negative blood test) and I was not pregnant....... (obviously since its a year later & I still have only one angelic LittleOne). It was hard. I went to choir practice that night just to drop something off, and they were practicing "Lead Kindly Light" for Stake Conference (that we sang at right before the Christmas concert). Things were too hard that night, and My BetterHalf & I needed to be together, I went home right after dropping my thing off.
But I have loved "Lead Kindly Light" my whole life, I decided when I was rather young to try & live my life by its lyrics. But earlier that same day after coming from the ultrasound crushed, I couldn't do it. I couldn't even sing the song & thinking the lyrics made me bawl.  But being in that choir I got to the point where I could accept that that just wasn't the right timing. And I could sing & performed that song with gusto. I know without a doubt, though I can't explain it publicly, that one day I will have another daughter & I have decided (with my BetterHalf's agreement) that her from birth nickname is "Star". Partially for a song a sang in that choir that lead me through, partially after my older brother who has the from birth nickname of "Guiding Star" , partially after Star herself because of all she gives for others even when she has no more to give, and partially because she is the star I am looking at to help me find my way to the Son, when I feel lost.

Fast forward to Friday night. We had a beautiful ward Christmas party. We were actually able to go, and I loved it! Each table was set up by a different woman with her best dishes from home, so we got to know the different women that way. The table we sat at was set by a beautiful woman who has done nothing but believe in me in times when I just needed someone to & to tell me they did. (Though we didn't know it was her's when we sat down). When we got to it the napkins were all set on one plate, so we moved them to all the plates, *these napkins were white. In the middle of the table were these GORGEOUS figurines of Santa Claus, that looked like they came from all over & from all different ages. I loved the table. I love Santa, and his symbolism. ("I believe in Santa Claus" is one of the best books, if you don't know it. Check it out! It is a simple, short, illustrated book. But it is pure goodness!) After a while this beautiful, dedicated woman came and offered us some red napkins, said she had to run home to get them because she felt the table needed another splash of color. The table was already full of people so they got left in the corner next to our table. Dinner & socializing was great. Then there was a program with some hilarious & spiritual parts. Then they sang this song: Mary Did you know? (I don't know the choir singing it here, but I love what they did with it, we had a soloist singing it). The soloist did a phenomenal job. But I use to perform this song every year in a Christmas choir, around the same time I was a nanny. And given my name I always dreamed of the children I would have as I sang this song. I would think of what it meant to be a Mother. And as I sat there listening to this song, I just started bawling! I had to lean over and cry into my husband's shoulder. I know I was feeling sorry for myself, and had lost the sight of what mattered. I wasn't looking at my Star, or the Son. I was simply looking down wondering where they were & why I couldn't be closer. Why I couldn't hold that Star yet. After a while I needed a napkin to clean myself off a bit. I couldn't get my white one I had used during dinner off the plate. So I just leaned over & grabbed a red one not thinking much of it. I used it, and held it. I sat up & enjoyed the show, as I could. After awhile I started having the sorry for myself thoughts & looked at this napkin, just because it was there. And as I saw it there next to the Santas I started to think of the symbolism of its red. I thought of the scripture "Though your sins be as scarlet as blood, they shall be as white as snow."  Then I thought of His blood, the whole reason red is a Christmas color. And I thought of why He spilt it for me, and those I love. I thought of how I have one miracle child. And isn't that what Mary's oldest was, a miracle child? Isn't that one reason we celebrate Him! My Savior Jesus Christ! My sweet Princess LittleOne! I'm not alone. I will have faith. And one day I will hold my Star. But until then a simple red napkin helped me realize that my tears really do fall on Him. And that He knows my sorrows, and what's more that I can carry them with Him. None of this is stuff I didn't know before, just this reminder, this simple napkin, helped this information (with the Holy Ghost) pierce straight to my soul. It helped me let go of all the frustration & bitterness. I am healed, and as long as I can keep a good focus on the right things I'll be just fine. I do not resent what I don't have. But I am VERY grateful for what I do. I am not alone. I will follow when He "Leads Kindly Light", and I do see the Son.

October 21, 2012

For CookieMonster.... Also

 So a while back, you may remember or could even go look now,  we were tagged to do an answer the questions about yourself thing, it was fun. :) I like sharing. Well, I then tagged an amazing friend/sort of relative of mine, and she asked that even though she couldn't tag us back. That I feel out the questions she had. So here's for you CookieMonster!

1. How did you come to blog?
Our blog was first created when we lived in ID as a way to help Grandparents keep in touch with us. Then it just became a place for fun & keeping in touch all around with people.
2. What is/are your favorite book/books?
My favorite fictional book is 'Elantris' by Brandon Sanderson (LOVE HIM AS AN AUTHOR!) My BetterHalf's favorite book (or atleast one of them) is 'Ender's Game' by Orson Scott Card (Who happens to be one of his favorite authors).
3. Who do you miss being around?
Right now, mostly  CatMan.
4. What is your favorite food?
5. What is/was your favorite job (or the one you hated least)?
I have so many mixed feelings here. I loved it at Trafalga, but things ended really bad there. I loved the cause for what I was doing at Liken the most, but there was a man there who made things ridiculous. Well, besides BRG I really haven't had a job I didn't like. 
6. What is your favorite hanging out activity?
I personally REALLY like playing card games while hanging out, or board games. Though eating is a really good one too. 
7. What motivates you to get out of the bed in the morning?
My LittleOne, and my BetterHalf. Then there's my great desire to simply accomplish things & not feel idle. 
8. Where is your favorite vacation?
With family, anywhere where there's A LOT of family but things are really relaxed. 
9. Do you like pictures being taken of you?
Yeah, actually, I really do. I think its fun, and a great way to preserve memories. I don't always like how I look in them when I see them, but I do love having them taken. 
10. How do you keep track of important things?
 .... I kind of catalouge them in my mind.
11. Why did you end up participating?
Simply because I love CookieMonster and she asked me to. 

Also on another note, I got accepted to BYU! I start in January, I think I'm going to try starting out with taking an english class, and a history class first. We'll see.  


A week ago I was in CA enjoying myself with people I love. Wrestling with nephews & talking with nieces. Rediscovering relationships with sisters. And learning from family. It was a great weekend! I got to watch my niece get baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints! I'm so happy for her.
But at some hard times for me I realized that while I am now grown-up (I feel, I mean come on I have been married for 5 years, and have a 4 year old daughter), I still felt like a help-less scared little girl at times. Perhaps I care too much about what my sisters think of me. Perhaps I give too much heart to my desires to have a relationship with Raquel. But at one point when I had to just remove myself from the situation (I'm pretty sure the fact that I was tired & it was getting late was a big excellator), I realized that I have 'inclusion issues'. I don't know that that's a real term.
But I do know that I have now let myself admit more fully than ever before that I need to feel included. I don't need to be in the middle of things, I don't even need to be in everything but I greatly crave, & put probably too much effort, into simply being a part of those I care about lives. That's why things are so hard for me with my in-laws and how they never invite us to anything & even talk about things they are going to do without us.
This is why things with not being able to know whats going on in Raqul's life are so hard. This is why I give my surrogate brothers such a hard time when I don't hear from them in months. This is why it is so easy for me to feel neglected. I'm not saying its anyones fault or that people have done things wrong.
But I don't know how to include myself a lot of the time (mostly because I want it so bad but don't want to throw myself at people... I'm afraid that they don't want me because I want them so bad).
I tried to explain this to a mentor of mine while I was a teenager and she said I sounded prideful. It took me till this weekend to realize that I wasn't having a pride issue, I'm not worried about what people think of me but I am worried about if they will include me in their lives. Then I'm afraid I'm over reacting or asking for too much so I don't usually do anything about it.
I'll be fine. I am glad I can see this. I don't need anything to change except for in myself, and now I can start to cope in better ways since I can admit it.
Thanks for reading. :)

October 18, 2012

For Uncle Love

So I have been tagged by the man known to my LittleOne as UncleLove at his blog: Justin Stockett's Grand Adventure called Life. (Which is an awesome blog written by one of my favorite people.)
So according to his blog (which I read all the way through) I must now go forth and blog! (I don't always do what I'm told, but I will this time. Sometimes a contrary person needs to be complying so that people can't predict them as well.)
The five rules of the game are:
1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
2. Answer the questions the nominator asked, and create 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
3. Choose 11 people and link them in your post.
4. Go to the 11 people's pages and tell them.
5. No Tag backs! (Which means I can't tag UncleLove :( )

I'll try and see if I can get the whole 11 things here....

Uno: Today I got accepted into BYU for the second time. Many people know that, what you may not know is that the first time I was accepted it terrified me. Today it only excited me.

Dos: My BetterHalf and I speak almost the exact same Love Languages.

Tres: I spent the first 8 years of my life living in Washington state, the next 8 years living in California, and while it hasn't been consistent this time I am near my 8th year in Utah.

Quatro: For years I wanted to go by my middle name Dian, because it wasn't as popular as my first name.

Cinco: My dream (while it has slightly been tweaked over the years) of what I want to be when I grow up has basically been the same since I was four years of age. (Which is weird to think is now the age of my precious daughter.)

Ses: I would give anything to do what I feel is the right thing.

Siete: My favorite dog is a Husky. And when I was younger that did have something to do with the movie 'Balto'. Now its because I love how loyal, beautiful, strong, and protective they are.

Ocho: I do not consider myself crafty, though I do tend to make things. I can eat something and get a good idea on how to replicate it. But if it comes to making something look like something particular I'm almost helpless, I will usually be able to do it after having to take it apart and start over again about a dozen times.

Nueve: I honestly believe that my husband and I are soulmates, and that he is truly my BetterHalf.

Diaz: I truly believe that dreams do come true, and should never be given up on (though they do sometimes need to be altered or changed out).

Once: One day when my BetterHalf and I build our dinner theater our first show will be "Newsies" and the menu at our show will change every time the show does, to fit the atmosphere of the show.

The next questions are the ones that UncleLove wrote.

1. Favorite mystical/mythical animal?
Does Tom Bombadil from The Lord of the Rings count? He's not really human, and he is my favorite character in that series.... But if they must not be humanoid, then all the wise animals from Narnia. :)
2. Favorite place
My BetterHalf's arms, or the stage. Anywhere on the stage. Anywhere in his arms.
3. Most random childhood memory
I was playing on the playground at our apartments when I was 9. And one of my closest friends asked me where my horns and tail were, in all sincerity. She had been informed that Mormons have them. I was perplexed, and said that I didn't have any anymore than she did. Yeah... it was interesting.
4. What is something about yourself that you're proud of?
5. What is something awesome about yourself that I may not know?
I have written a published poem.
6. Favorite number.
7. What are your feelings on the matter of cheese? 
Excellent part of a diet that should be included. It affects texture, flavor, odor, nutrition and so on. But should NOT be had in excess, and should not be in most soups.
8. Favorite book or series, if not possible favorite genre.
Pearl of Great Price on non-fiction books. Elantris by Brandon Sanderson for the fictional group. As far as genre goes: fantasy. Though really any that is GOOD (by full definition of the word) and has well developed characters.
9. A quote you love?
"Don't let yesterday take up too much of today." or another is "It is necessary to have wished for death to know how good it is to live."
10. Someone you look up to in history
Albert Einstein.
11. Someone you admire in Present day? 


Now I get to come up with questions!

1. What are your feelings on Harry Potter?
2. What is your love language? If you don't know, then which would you rather have a)gift b)acts of service c)words of affection  d) physical touch or e) quality time, and why?
3. What country would you visit if you could? And if not any then why?
4. How do you like to relax?
5. Do you believe ignorance is bliss?
6. As an American do you feel any responsibility to vote? Or even to be in politics?
7. What are your top 3 favorite colors?
8. Do you or would you like to speak another language?
9. Are there any books you would suggest I read?
10. What are your feelings on nicknames?
11. What does music mean to you? 

So now I have chosen 11 people to do as I have done. I really hope these people will co-operate I would love to see how they respond:
One: Karen with Buzz at the Bowlers
Two: Adele with Merrily Karolys
Three: Hannah with Bittersweet Musings
Four: Alicia with Karolying
Five: Heidi with Hide'n'Hunts
Six: Atlas with Names aren't everything
Seven: Amanda with the Daily Grind
Eight: Leanna with Our Treasure Hunt
Nine: Maureen with Mean the Jelly Bean
Ten: Ruth with Grandma Hunt
Eleven:  Andrew with the Ground Hurts