September 22, 2011

And the 6th place holding goes too:...............

So this is those I miss part 6. And the holding goes to Joshua, he's Snow White's husband, TooTall's older brother, and well.... Actually I'm not sure I've really even mentioned him. I'll have to put a picture of him here:
Yes this picture is old... I'm thinking about 9 years old. But its what I have on hand. The handsome blonde with the big expression. Yeah. That's Joshua. And while I have been close to his parents family my whole life, it wasn't until about the time of this picture that we really started actually talking. And then not until recently that I've started appreciating him for myself. He was always there as the brother that my brother didn't have. (Yes, he's my cousin. But somehow he's still my brother's brother.... Yeah, trust me.) Anyway.
There have been times in the last year when I have been stranded close to his house, and called on him for a rescue. At first I almost didn't but realized that had it been my Johnny-Boy and one of Joshua's sisters, Johnny-Boy wouldn't be happy about them not calling him. So I called Joshua. And we'd talk. Talk about how we're adults now, about our kids, our siblings, spouses, books, parents, the list goes on and on. I've really missed that lately.
You see recently Joshua & Snow White moved their family back to California. I'm super happy for them, but even though we only saw each other every couple months, I miss them so much.
Joshua is strong, he's a leader. He's animated, which makes him charismatic, he's sincere, & he CARES. He doesn't sit back and let life mess itself up. I know he's not perfect, but he cares and tries to do whats right for more than just himself.
Thanks for being yourself Joshua, you have those to touch now in California & I'm grateful for the extra insurance of being related which means I'm almost guaranteed to see you again. I know you aren't lost. I know I can still call you if I REALLY needed to (it just wouldn't be the same as those conversations we've had before).
Also. I must add that Joshua is more musically talented than he gives himself credit for. While I've been thinking of doing this blog for a little over a week now. It wasn't until I started in a Christmas choir group tonight that I decided that I really needed to do this. I kept thinking of Joshua, thinking of when that picture above was taken. Thinking about driving for hours, at weird hours, together to tire ourselves to the bone. Thinking about all of it. Thanks Joshua for sharing your voice in my life. And again thanks for being yourself. I know my whole family misses you and Snow White, and your charming boys. :D God be with you & yours Joshua!


  1. First of all, that picture is CLASSIC. I love it. It's perfect. It's my hubby to a T. :)

    We miss you so much! And I feel like we saw each other more than just every couple months-- at least at the end there... you guys are always so good about inviting us to stuff. Let us know if you are ever visiting Martha and we should try to come up and see you guys :)

    Anyway, I agree with the things you said about Josh. He's one in a million (which is why I married him). :)

  2. Okay. What do you want for that picture? This was a blackmail post right? :)

    That is a very kind post about this Josh guy. If I were him I would respond by telling you how much I appreciate having such a sweet cousin and friend in my life. And that I'm sorry if my imperfections ever caused hurt. You are very kind for writing such nice words about the people you miss. I hope I can always be there for you when you need it.

    PS. seriously, how much you want for that picture? ;)