September 1, 2011

Yay Pictures!

So if anyone doesn't mind my obsession with putting way TOO many pictures up, go ahead. For I am doing a post simply for pictures of things we've not been posting. So! Here we go, I hope you'll enjoy! :DMi Padre on Father's Day. He is drinking root beer we gave him with a cup we made him that vsaid 'DAD' with all his children's initials on it.These were taken on Father's Day as well: Jelly-Bean, StateStreet, LittleOne, Kare-Bear, and mi Madre.This was when we took PapaAtlas his Father's Day present from LittleOne. So these are PapaAtlas (LittleOne's GodFather), Grandma Wilcox, and LittleOne having fun together.
LittleOne dancing along to 'Busted' from Phineas & Ferb.
They were being cute so I figured I'd take these one day with the thought of one day trying to be as cool as SnowWhite and make a story out of this one day.... Oh well, enjoy anyway.I love this picture. This is the view from LittleOne's room (from her window) during a storm, just wanted to share.
For LittleOne's birthday party we made a Perry the 'Piniatapus', these were the steps.
This is our back yard, starring MomJ and DadJ. I like this swing, it's a famous spot of theirs.
This is the cake LittleOne wanted, yes I did make it with the help of my good friend Amy, my sister-in-law Steph, & MomJ. Thanks guys LittleOne loved it.
Last minute my BetterHalf thought that we needed two cakes, so here's the 2nd one as well and the famous blow out.

Kare-Bear & LittleOne's birthdays are 4 days apart so this is them enjoying being semi-birthday girls together.
And them on Kare-Bear's ACTUAL birthday. They thought cuddling was a good birthday thing.

StateStreet & TC came by and said goodbye to us on their way to Texas. :( We miss them so much! But hey it'll be good for them to be closer to TC's parents' family.
This picture proves me guilty. I took the picture then reprimanded her for playing with it.

Yay! Rissa, Johnny-Boy, & HeidiBelle visited on their way to move to South Carolina. (with Kare-Bear & LittleOne in these pictures.)


  1. Yay!!! I love them! We still have our wedding pics as our screen saver and whenever one with Sierra comes on, one of John's sister's will exclaim, "Sierra is SOO cute!!!" Just thought I'd share that with you!

  2. these are some really cute pictures XD

  3. I need to get you the pictures from Little One's birthday still.... wow my to-do list keeps growing....

    .. but still, i like the pics.

  4. I also added pictures to 'Stitches'. And have A LOT of pictures for her birthday, so it will get its own post.