November 15, 2011

Christmas Gift Exchanges

So I know it's not Christmas yet. I don't usually do Christmas stuff before Thanksgiving, but I will start making, picking out, and buying presents months in advance. So I've been thinking about presents, and have even started/bought some already.
Granted my family is not financially sound. But even with that we still try to help those we love, and others we don't know. So Christmas isn't about us in our family. We tend to not think about what we're getting, but giving. I have no idea what, if anything, I'll be able to do for my BetterHalf for Christmas.
So Christmas gift exchange lists, I feel are really important. I feel like it was the one way I even began to keep track of all my relatives growing up. When you get a present for them, I feel, you should personalize it. You find out about them, you think of them a lot. It brings us all closer. Thats what I love about Christmas gift exchanges. After all isn't Christmas all about celebrating the gifts He came to give us, don't you think He thought of each of us individually?
I still own a sweater one of my Aunts made me when I was, I think it was, 12. Because she thought of me as she made it. So while other ways of doing it, and other things are good. (Not to put down on ANYONES traditions) I truly feel giving person to person is best, especially in bigger families. We can't all afford to give presents to everyone every year on their birthdays, or even for Christmas. But we can afford to stop and think about someone and truly get to know them to know what they would like & sometimes need.
That's my opinion, thanks for reading.

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