March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I LOVE being Irish! I love that my maternal Grandparents & my BetterHalf's maternal Grandmother went there on missions. I love how green & beautiful it is, and a lot of the atmorphere it appears to have. If I were to go somewhere outside the USA I would go to Ireland. So. I love St. Patrick's Day. And this year I've done more with it than I usually do.
(Unfortunately we have NO camera right now so I only have pictures from our last activity of the day).
Starting last night LittleOne & I sat down and talked about Ireland while we looked at the pictures in a book I inherited from my maternal Grandparents. First thing in the morning(well after the important stuff) I got up and set some stuff up for later.... more on that later.... Then made Rainbow Pancakes, scrambled eggs, & sausage for breakfast. My LittleOne loved it! And so did my BetterHalf. (And me :) )
Then there wasn't too much to do with St. Patrick's Day (except for LittleOne's excitement & seeing Leprechauns everywhere). And we looked at the book again a little before dinner.
I made potato wedges, and corned beef with Irish Soda Bread sandwiches. All was a big hit. I think we shall do it again.
Then lo & behold! A leprechaun hacked our computer & left this:With a note starting a chain of clues that built a paper rainbow and led to a cookie rainbow with a pot of gold chocolate coins at the end. KareBear & my BetterHalf helped LittleOne go around and figure out the clues. :D LittleOne definitely enjoyed it.

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!

Oh! And I have an awesome BetterHalf & cousin TooTall who spent the day fixing up our new car! (Well, new to us.) It's a '91 Ford Taurus. It runs and we named it Evangeline. It works for us. Ofcourse LittleOne loves it & can't wait to drive it...... In atleast 13 more years.
:D Keep smiling everyone!

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