April 9, 2012

Easter Projects 2012

So this is a bit of a preview....

Every year I make a new dress for LittleOne for Easter. (I've realized to acknowledge this this year as something that is easier to do because I only have one daughter.... I'm trying to find silverlining.)
Anyway, this year is going to be my BetterHalf & my 5th anniversary, and we're excited to do something extra special for it. And as you may, or may not, know; we do pictures every anniversary. This year I'm WAY excited about the plans I've made for these pictures. So LittleOne's Easter outfit is also going to be the outfit for the pictures. I'm SO excited. I love how it came out....
(Was that bragging? I don't know... I'm just excited and want to share!)

Also yesterday was probably the best Easter I've ever had. I had a special experience that truly brought home the meaning of Easter & the point to all of us being here. So I want to say Happy (late) Easter to each of you! I hope you can see the joy & way God and Christ with the Holy Ghost look after each of us each day. It's amazing He's there even when you aren't seeing it.
Happy Easter! And enjoy my cute LittleOne.
We took some pictures with MomH.
I think the hat looks just as good on MomH as it does on LittleOne.
We got the hat at Walmart for about $8. (I don't usually splurge on a hat, so I feel like that was a bit much even though it was a lot cheaper than other ones I saw.)
The dress I made... And here's the thing our pictures this year have a bit of a theme from our wedding. All of our outfits are with our wedding colors. Pink was NOT one of them. But LittleOne picked out this material & there is a story that makes it a bit of a wedding color. (Its one of my fondest memories from the wedding now [so no apologizing Atlas]. But I think it gives her a good connection to her GodFather with having the pink. Its very fitting, and I LOVE it.)
The silver trim is actually from the silver material I used in my wedding. And I had a bunch of three white cloth roses on my wedding dress, just like on hers here.
I just love the effect of this picture.
I made the gloves. I used some old white crochet floss that my GrandMother use to own. And crocheted these lace gloves from some instructions I found online for free. (I also made my self some it should be way fun to have these with our family pictures.)
Have a good week everyone! (I'll make sure to post after I get our family pictures done, and ready for here.)


  1. How cute! You can tell she just loves it :) That's a really fun anniversary tradition, too.

  2. Oh! I JUST LOVE IT LADY! I JUST LOVE IT! It turned out better then what you thought it sounds :) Before I finished reading your post I was thinking huh, I really like those gloves I wonder where she could've possibly gotten those for her, but aw! you're a genius! Don't know if i'd have the patience for doing that! :)