December 30, 2013

My Parent's Family as Cartoon Royalty ;) This was Fun!

So on the way to taking John and Heidi & co. to the airport we had fun deciding what fictional royalty we thought all the siblings with their spouses would be. We decided on all the kids but hadn't worked out all the kinks... so then Andrew & I finished with Karen & Buzz. John requested I blog it all out so everyone could see. :) It was fun. It'll be fun to see what you all think, enjoy!

Mom and Dad
           We hadn't come up with this one on the way to the airport so it's one we came up with later:
Belle & Beast/Adam. 

Bethany & Ryan
     We did come up with something for Bethany and Ryan on the way to the airport, but then Karen & Buzz suggested differently and we completely agreed:
Minnie & Mickey

John & Heidi
This was one of the harder ones, and some of you might complain because we are going to vary from the Disney theme, we did come up with a Disney variant if people really want to hear it.
Derek & Odette


Martha & Tim
This one was unanimous on all fronts. 
Rapunzel & Flynn Ryder/Eugene Fitzherbert

One day she'll find a man that'll do anything for her 'song'. 

Mary & Andrew
More because I'm Tiana than he is Naveen, but we both definitely had much to learn with our love, still are. 
Tiana & Naveen 

Karen & Buzz
This one was another unanimous, we're grateful for the 'Diamond in the Rough'. 
Jasmine & Aladdin 

Her character is still left to develop so much

So what do you all think? :-D

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