January 23, 2011

The 2X4

so if you want to understand this blog you need to know that Mary is talking with italicized lettering and drew is the normal text

And there it is. :D

12/30/2005 mary and I met for the first time. It was at a birth day party for Anna Melugin who was at the time my girlfriends sister. It was at a time in my life where I was at an all time low. I was doing a lot of things I shouldn't. but anyway. at this b-day party we started to play "baby if you love me smile" which is a fun but "dangerous ;) " game. so of all the people there I really wasn't paying attention to Mary well it was more like me flirting with three girls at once. yes one of them being Marys sister Sorrel. so yeah I wasn't really noticing Mary but there was something that kept her in my mind through the next 7 months.Wait, what kept me in your mind for the next 7 months??? As far as me, he was fun. He was a guy that was playing with other girls and I had plenty else on my plate. All I really noticed was that he had hair that was fun to play with. Hey, I was 16 and had a boyfriend.

so then there is the next 6 months. we were talking sometimes but mostly she would come and hang out with liz "my on and off again girlfriend" this consisted mostly of midnight rushes to build theatrical sets. mary has plenty of funny stories of what I do when i'm tired and high off of caffeine.You know. After I moved to Utah I started working instead of going to school. There just wasn't time for Theater so when I was done with all my jobs for the day I would go to the OHS Theater and bring them food. I got to hang out with thespians, be near a stage, & do things for a show. So there was this one time I brought some food and when I got back from getting the drinks and food they all requested. "The Devil" (aka Cameron) and my BetterHalf were covered in paint, which happened quite often enough, (no we were actually the paintbrushes) and had been being yelled at by Liz. Liz yelled and yelled for my BetterHalf to go get cleaned up. The Devil had gotten cleaned up before it was really yelling. I simply gave my BetterHalf a glance said he should get cleaned up, in a calm voice. And after Liz did all that yelling. Well I was the one in trouble for her boyfriend obeying me after he ignored her.... Yeah.
I do think that it's worth stating that at one point in all this my BetterHalf was dating another of our friends and had upset MiJo. MiJo asked me to promise him I wouldn't date my BetterHalf. I couldn't make that promise. I just had this feeling that this was something more than MiJo had any idea about. I simply promised MiJo I would never date my BetterHalf the way he was at that time. Simply how he was at that time.

then came July, Mary had moved to Idaho and I was trying to figure out life.
we randomly found each other on Myspace (so now you know someone that got married because of myspace) and we started to talk and talk and talk.
I then got the fun but thought that it was impossible to happen idea that I would invite Mary, who lived in Idaho, to Lagoon on July 28. but to my amazement she said that she would come. I was very surprised. so Mary was coming down to Utah for girls camp and at the time it was my understanding that she would then go back to Idaho in August.

I loved being with the Nelsons. Andrew had started asking my advice on interesting things. At one point he asked me if he should date another girl or wait for "the girl from Mars" to come back. I told him that if he was just going to date her to waste time then he shouldn't. He took my advice. Then I got a message from Atlas telling me that I was the first really cute girl my BetterHalf had. Yeah, I corrected him that I wasn't his. But then my BetterHalf asked me to guess who the girl from Mars was. Guess who it was :D And little did I know that at Lagoon I would discover I was in love.

07/17/2006 so when she came into town i went over to her house to see her. when I got there all we did was stand next to my truck and talk. throughout our talking she told me that I had a b-day present. i tried to guess but was unable to find out what it was. so in desperation I got her to tell me. she said that my gift was her and that she was moving back to Orem for me. after she said this I chouldnt help but kiss her. her next sentence was. that better mean that we are in a relationship.
then we dated until November 26.

I didn't understand it. .... Wait, what do you mean by until? I'm sorry, but you better still be dating me :P. ... I just knew that every time I prayed about it there was no question. No matter what it cost me I needed to be there for my BetterHalf. The Lord wanted him to have me at that point. I quit my job, and... Well, originally I wasn't going to tell him. I was going to get a huge box and wrap myself in it, then leave myself on his doorstep. Ah, he was irresistible.

11/26/2006 we became engaged. Although we had started to talk about marriage it was still going to be awhile until I proposed. so any way i should start at the beginning. It was early in evening and mary and I decided that we wanted to go hang out with her cousin State Street. on the way to her house we got a little distracted and decied we wanted to go "talk" at the scera park. (but as many of you might think that we did something more we really didn't) so anyway. we were talking about a lot of different things and I kept ignoring the idea that we needed to get married. I mean a lot of ignoring of the idea. so finally after probably half a hour i got hit with a literal spiritual 2X4. it was amazing. it was the strongest that I had ever previously felt the spirit,
so I proposed.

This wasn't easy. This wasn't what we had planned. We wanted this, but we didn't want it that young. We didn't understand, we couldn't understand. We simply knew it needed to happen. I found my better half. He completes me. I'm more enveloped in his love than I ever would have guessed.

so we got ready to get married but that is another story.

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  1. Yeah, and now you have an 18 and a 2 year old daughter.. or is it 2 10 year old daughters? I don't really remember. lol I love you guys