January 23, 2011

Those I Miss, Dos

A while back I filled up my last journal, then I tried using other notebooks, this didn't work. Mainly my LittleOne would get to it and it would get torn apart. So I found an old journal of my BetterHalf's and I have been writing in it. Since he has only partially written in it and sometimes still does, I decided to start writing in the back and move forward instead of forward-back. Anyway! So yesterday I got a little bored at work. (I usually write in my journal at work between calls.) I started reading all of Andrew's entries. And it reminded me of someone I already was missing and have been meaning to e-mail for a while.
In my BetterHalf's journal from when he got it at age 8 till we were married there is one reference of his brother A Scott, one reference of MomJ, one reference of DadJ, one reference of Sissy, and one reference to MRJ. But there are two references to KJ. All people mentioned are irreplaceable.
KJ has always held a special place for us. The first reference of KJ was stating that she was going on a date. The other reference simply stated that he missed KJ and MRJ.
KJ came into my BetterHalf's life when he was a young boy and has left permanent footsteps in his life. She is strong. She is dedicated, and she understands that she's never alone. Many times when I haven't known what to do in life KJ has helped us. My BetterHalf has always held a special spot for her.
KJ you ARE a shining light for so many people. You understand so much better then is given credit. You have given up so much for what you hold dear. I have learned much from you and am more grateful for you than we could show. We would love to come see you, all of you, soon. KJ, Thank you. You are beautiful, and we want you to know that you deserve to be treated. We want you to know how special you are to us. Thanks, KJ, thanks.

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