January 27, 2011

Those I Miss #3

So this person I miss isn't a member of my family, per say, but he is. I think I've decided he's kind of a sou-to cousin. When I was a little girl he was good friends with Johnny-boy and really liked Marpha. (Of course there are a lot of guys that fit that description when I was little.)
Thanks for being you Toad. Thanks for trying to always improve, and for letting me be a part of so much of your journey. Thanks for hanging out with my BetterHalf when he REALLY needed a guy friend instead of just his wife. And well Thanks for simply being you.
I truly think about you pretty much everyday.
Toad you could be a leader! (But I know that scares you.)
hhui p[hineas24fgtr43vbfvbhbkokgghkk m,mmmn,..lpp0-9iytwwgf jip]\47\ That's from Sierra to Uncle Toad.
You could and will make a big improvement in this world just please don't stop trying. I know life isn't easy for you but heck you don't care, and probably couldn't handle it if it were :P.
Toad has an ego his ego is the biggest I know, but I'll let you in on a secret. It's so big it doesn't really exist, he just hides behind it. But Toad is gentle, protective, spirited, hilarious, and really can dance. Though I think more people think of him with football or basketball, which I guess he's ok at. ;).
I think it's fun that the whole entry in his journal that my BetterHalf made on our wedding day is: "our good friend tood is hear and i get married today yeah!!!" (his spelling has gotten better since, as has his grammar.)
We both so desperately wanted him there, besides he sang our song for us at our wedding reception. Though I don't think he always believes it, Toad has a wonderful voice.
I hopefully await the day that Toad calls us to say we need to plan a trip to CA to accompany him into the temple.
Toad has no idea how many people's lives he has improved, and one day he just might sit back and realize that he is a good person.
We love you Toad, and miss you more than you know. We have many people that tell us we need to convince you to come back this way. I know you'll do what you need to, but I do hope that it'll bring you back this way at least for a visit some time.
Never forget you are worth it to us, we only wish we could do more for you. The song "You found out who your friends are" by Tracy Lawrence is Toad's song. While many songs make me think of Toad, this is the one that describes him right on. Thanks Toad, don't give up. God is with you and loves you more than you know. Sometimes I wish you were better able to read the letter you wrote me back in 2006.

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  1. YAY TOAD!!! Everyone loves Toad! He really is a great person and does touch every life that he comes in contact with. I wish that he was closed to us all and that he could give us more of those "big-brother" speaches of his. He really is a big part of our lives. I don't know if I would really be alive without him. Thanks Toad.