April 25, 2011

Four Years Into Eternity

As of April 20th My BetterHalf and I reached our four year wedding anniversary. We did pictures, like we always do. We went to Scera Park where he proposed & a lot of our dating hang outs were. CookieMonster did them & I love them! But when we got there to do them, neither CookieMonster or my BetterHalf saw a backdrop they really liked. So we did some around the play ground then went home and found lots of great spots. Yay!
The rest of the day was spent running errands and then our date. It was a great date. I have an amazing husband!
(I swear he has a picture just like this one every year that we do pictures, meaning from this angle and with this expression.) My truly BetterHalf, and the half that brings out the best in me.
You can't really tell here but I'm wearing my anniversary present. My BetterHalf used walmart.com to make me a necklace charm that is a small framed picture of our family. I Love it! And I am excited about my new dress here that MomJ & DadJ gave me for my birthday.

The top one in this group, I'm pretty sure is my BetterHalf's favorite of the two of us, but I'm rather partial to the second one and this last one. His face expressions in both are genuine and sincere. And in this last one, well that's one of my favorite things. To just watch him describe something.

Our precious LittleOne. She makes everything worth it. We don't always know what we need to do to help her discover and explore but we try. She is so much fun! She is definitely a Princess to us and our LittleOne.

LittleOne gives attitude, and loves to tease. But there's a reason her Daddy was the first to hold her. She has always been a Daddy's Little Girl but in her own special way.

I have the most wonderful daughter. I pray each day that I'll know what else she could use of me doing or saying for her.

Thanks my BetterHalf for everything. And thank you LittleOne. You are the best things in my life!


  1. You are all so very amazing and I love you all individually. I'm glad that you have such a wonderful family sis.

  2. Pictures are way too much fun I've decided! You're a happy lovely family! :) Love the family picture that is black and white, very nice!