May 5, 2011

Mother Theresa

I would love for anyone to please help me with this. I have recently been told numerous times that I am a 'Modern, young, Mother Theresa'. I'm not trying to brag. The thing is, I don't know how to take that. One thing I've decided that while I know that that is meant as a compliment I don't really know anything about Mother Theresa.
So! I would love to hear your responses. Do you know anything about Mother Theresa? Do you think I'm anything like her? Do you have any idea what they would be referring to?
Granted I know part of this confusion is due to the fact that I know I don't take compliments (or given them) like other people. It's weird but I don't give compliments or insults. I think something I think you should know, I tell you whether you take it as good or bad is up to you. So because I know others will say things with other motivations (and it took me more years than I care to figure that out) I worry that they are trying to say something nice. Because of what the first reference was I'm pretty sure this wasn't just something to compliment me, since it was some friends talking to complete strangers about politics and brought me in as a reference on why this younger generation is prepared. So.... Again, what do you think? What do you know? I look forward to feedback...


  1. Mother Teresa gave up the comforts available to her. She chose to live in poverty, begging for food and shelter. All the while, she devoted her life to serving those around her. It did not matter how miserable she felt nor how much she, herself, was suffering, she knew that there were "the poorest among the poor" that she would be able to help. Not only did she help the poor, but she also went out to help those who were shunned from society. Having said all of this, which I just looked up on Wikipedia, when it comes to you, my dear, you are like her in heart and mind. You continually give, even when it seems that you have nothing left to give. You bring in the "shunned of society" and make them feel at home. This is a compliment and one that you probably will not accept, but it is, nonetheless, true. You have somehow managed to escape unselfishness in an extremely selfish world. I know that you think that you are selfish, by taking ten minutes a day for yourself, but I assure you that you are not.

  2. Everything Amanda said.

    I've said something similar about you a hundred times, and it can't just be a compliment because I say it about you when you aren't even there. I've never called you Mother Teresa, but I feel like that would be a nice way to describe it: you are selfless, loving, and you keep going when I don't think I ever could in your situation. I've never seen you give up, even in extremely difficult circumstances. I'm proud to know you. Maybe I've never even said that to you, so now I'm glad to be able to.