June 18, 2011

So much to catch up on...

Wow! So a lot has happened since I last posted.
For one, we moved back in with my BetterHalf's parents. LittleOne absolutely adores living with Grandma & Grandpa. And it has helped a lot when my BetterHalf needs attention and LittleOne does too. We've downgraded in size but still are comfortable. This is a temporary situation, we'll figure things out. We always do. (Or rather we trust the Holy Ghost to guide us, and pray we're listening correctly).

Also a week ago Friday, Grandma Dot died. Grandma Dot is sorely missed but I'm certain she's happier & much more comfortable now that she's passed. She was always so protective of my BetterHalf. In matter of fact the last thing she said to me, (and she said this almost every time she saw me) was to "Take care of that grandson of mine. I'm just grateful he has you. You're doing a great job." She knows how to love almost immediately & definitely unconditionally. She's one of the few people that actually knows everything my family goes through.
My Grandma Graham is one of my role models. And I miss being in the same state as her. Having Grandma Dot around helped me to not miss Grandma Graham too much. But there's no denying that I'm glad for where she is.
I'm an interesting person to have around at funerals because I honestly believe that they should be a happy occasion. Especially if the person was in pain before hand, or if they were definitely ready to go. Well this last week I cried for the third time ever at a funeral. (That says something, especially since this was the 4th in just the last 3 years, and there were plenty before that.) I cried because of how much I and ALL of my family miss Grandma Dot. So I give this song, for I understand it better than I have ever before: Cryin' For Me.

On a happier note. Tomorrow is Father's Day and I am so grateful for my AMAZING husband and the way he puts forth 120% of what he can each day. I may not have a lot of things most women have, but I have a lot of things that they wish they had. Such as a man that insists on taking the trash out. A man who notices the little details when he's cleaning the bathroom. A man that remembers to say I love you and hold me just right. A man that knows just what to say when I need to hear it. A man who would rather play with our daughter than hang with the guys, most the time. A man who makes not just my daughter and I safe, but would do anything to protect just about anyone. He's not afraid when someone else is on the line, period. Thanks. You ARE my better half, and you still fit perfectly. Thanks. I love that we get to grow together.


  1. I've missed your posts. Justin made me realize that I hardly ever comment, so here's me saying I love that you posted and that I can read about what's going on in your life and what you care about.

    Love you guys!