May 15, 2011

A possible Answer

I still don't quite understand the whole Mother Theresa thing. It makes me depressed that no one responded to that blog. But it is what it is.
Last Sunday, being Mother's Day, I gave a present to Cinderella. I was so excited to give it to her. LittleOne helped me put it together and as soon as we were done with church we took it over to her. She loved it, yay! But I was surprised to find a bouquet of flowers that Cinderella had arranged for me (I would assume with some help from TooTall). They are gorgeous! And I had them next to a beautiful arrangement JellyBean had put together for me earlier that week on my kitchen table.
Well yesterday I noticed that they were starting to loose petals so I decided to take the whole bouquet and turn it upside down to dry. I'm not sure if all the flowers in it will look good dried, but we'll see. I like dried flowers. JellyBean's arrangement got taken down too. I'm pressing a few of those flowers in some books. Yay flowers!
But the point to all of this is actually in the card that was with Cinderella's flowers. (Here's a picture of my JellyBean.)
In the card TooTall & Cinderella wrote me it states:
"I'm not sure what you see, but we see an administering angel when it come to you. And that is one of the greatest things of a Mother you posses."
When I read that it seemed to me that that might be what everyone was referring to with the Mother Theresa comments. Though I don't know if its all they were implying. But this morning I was pondering on such things and singing. When I saw the bouquet hanging there it reminded me of this comment. I don't know if I am an administering angel, but I know the Lord is strengthening me, and that is what matters. As long as I can continue in His work, whatever it may be I can continue. No matter how hard it gets.
Thanks Cinderella, Thanks TooTall. TooTall is one of the superheros in my life and Cinderella makes a great leading lady.

Here's a picture of TooTall with his Leading Lady, Cinderella. And my other SuperHero Atlas... He's still looking for his Leading Lady, but he'll find her.

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  1. I don't really know anything about Mother Teresa, so I can't give you much on that. But I do know that she has some cool quotes out there. You are an amazing individual and I'm glad that you feel so loved by those around you.