July 4, 2011


Fireworks. They are a great even awestrucking tradition in the United States of America. But how many of us have actually stopped and thought about why? What symbolism do they have? What are they suggesting to our minds?
Well, I know all I can think about is the fight we have all made, and make to live here. I was born in the US like most people who will probably read this blog. But that doesn't mean I have to be complaicant about the gift it is. I'm glad my dear LittleOne who is as stubborn about doing things her way as I am can live where she has the chose to do things her way. Where, even though it took some time, we have the right and honor to celebrate in the truth God has given us today. And are so easily allowed to respect it when others believe differently, that is their choice. Choice. Isn't that a word to be pondered?
I can't say how much gratitude overflow's in my heart for those fighting to protect not just our country but helping others.
Yeah, we do have a tendency to get into fights that aren't necessarily ours. But I will never forget 9/11 will you? Do you remember where you were? What your thoughts were? Mine were gratitude. One because I know God would welcome those that were gone, but mostly because of how much it united us. I liked President Bush because he stood up and showed us it was ok to be emotional and he kept us together at the pivotal moment. He may not have gotten everything right but he did what he could.
I don't just feel this way on the 4th, but all year. New Years, birthdays, Disney Land, parades, family activity, baseball games. You name it. If there are fireworks or anything patriotic, it will be on my mind for weeks, sometimes months, afterward how those fireworks going off sound a bit like gun fire. How the sparks as magical as they seem in the sky, spark within me a sorrow that so many have died. And a gratitude.
I will gladly stand up next to you, and defend her still today. Because there is NO doubt I love this land. God please continue to bless the USA!


  1. Yeah, a lot of people have been doing fireworks late into the night this weekend and I have been tempted to be really annoyed while I am trying to sleep in my warm bed. But then I get to thinking about what it must be like during a war, as a soldier, to try to sleep with the gunfire all around you, cold, in a trench, not knowing if the next bullet will be the one to kill YOU. Man, we have it good.

  2. I love the picture that you posted with that. Not only because I took it(which, how did you get it? I didn't think I posted it yet), but because it is a great example that you are never to young to really know why we are able to live our free lives.