July 29, 2011

Have you seen the iPod?

So. A little while ago MomJ broke the screen on her iphone. When she got a new one we inherited the old. While the screen is broken, and thats a little annoying, we have REALLY appreciated having an ipod. We've been using it for so much! We love it. It has a scriptures app that we use everyday. A camera, with great resolution. Plays music. Has internet access where we can both look things up & check e-mail. It's been very convenient.

Well, unfortunately last Saturday we lost it. I checked our e-mail with it, showed the e-mail to my BetterHalf. And that's the last either of us remember of it. We have searched our house up and down. It's got to be here, we just can't find it. :(
Unfortunately half of the pictures from LittleOne's birthday are on it, and the other half are with Kare-Bear. So even though LittleOne just turned 3, that's why they haven't been posted. As well as other great events.

What really gets me is that my BetterHalf just had his birthday and because it's lost not only do we not have any pictures of it (though admittedly TooTall and Cinderella I think took a picture at his party), but the only thing he had specified that he wanted for his birthday was to get the screen fixed. He says he had a great birthday. I just wish I could have atleast taken care of the ipod for him.

So there's my griping for the day. And though none of you are likely to come to my house. Have you seen the ipod? :(

On a happier note, today is Atlas's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ATLAS! (--> Atlas holding Tjunior with TooTall and my BetterHalf.... At TooTall's birthday party back in April. Man I love these men.)

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