August 4, 2011


So yesterday was my neice's birthday. My BetterHalf had to go to school at the same time the party was, so just my LittleOne and I went. All day I had this dreading feeling, and kept considering not going. But in the end we went. One of my favorite people was there for me to talk to and it was nice to socialize.
Well....... LittleOne was having lots of fun. She played with a light up Buzz Lightyear and chased people with it. She got to play on a great play house. And just be with cousins. Well as all the adults were watching from the porch and making dinner, the kids started sqwealing about a bee. No big deal, and after a while they stopped. Then a few minutes later LittleOne starts screaming on her own about it. The bee had got her. (We couldn't find any stinger in it though so we're thinking a wasp bit her.) It was the first time in her life and she was genuinly scared. It was good to find out she's not allergic though. It was red, warm, and puffy for a while. But by nightfall all her reactions were gone.
But the party wasn't over yet. She did go back and play with her cousins, then after a little while she hurt her foot, that just took a hug. Then right before cake she tripped and that took more loves. She really wasn't having the best night, but being 3 and being surrounded by cousins she didn't notice. Until she finally decided that she was daring enough to go back off the porch for the first time since the wasp bite.....
Some of the cousins decided they wanted to see what would happen if you rolled a bicycle wheel down some stairs. And they pulled everyone back, but last minute LittleOne was curious and ran forward. One of her sweet angelic cousins tried stopping her, but was too late.
She got hit right in the middle of her forward, thankfully it was a straight cut. What was scary was that it was a DEEP cut. It went straight to the last layer of tissue before the skull. Yeah, it was alot of bleeding. When I heard her screaming I raised downstairs grabbed her and ran inside. My BetterHalf's amazing sister (whose house it was) is a nurse so as I ran inside I yelled I needed her help. Her and DadJ took a look and grabbed a towel to keep on it. I held her with the towel to her head in the car as MomJ took us to the ER and DadJ ran to get my BetterHalf from school.
She had some great nurses, and was screaming for her Daddy until he arrived and she got to tell him everything that happened. The Dr ended up being an old YM's leader of my BetterHalf. It's always nice to see him. They put her to sleep, and did stitches. Four on the inside to releive tension, and seven on the outside to help it heal and reduce scarring. Then the sedation that was suppose to wear off in 20 minutes took an hour and 20 minutes to wear off. But she's herself and fine.... Now to get her to ignore the stitches for the next week.

So, she has done very well with her scar. Here are the progression of how things have gone.
MyBetterHalf left school early to hold his LittleOne that was screaming for him.
We finally calmed down a bit here, this is right before stitches.
GrandmaJ was there the whole time lovin' her.
This was taken the next day to show the stitches to Aunts & Uncles out of state.
Right after her awesome Aunt Steph took the stitches out of her & ofcourse she helped take them out of 'Nicohle'. LittleOne was so brave. When it was over she asked if we could go to DisneyLand, but settled for going swimming sometime. (Which ended up being at the Scera pool. She LOVED it!)

These are from today, you can barely notice the scar unless she starts crying or something. Most people just assume it was a bad scratch, and don't realize it's a scar almost a month old. Yay Vitamin E. :D I figure she can wear bangs as she gets older if she really starts hating it. She is so beautiful, and knows it doesn't take from that. She is our Princess.


  1. She is so cute though.. I have decided what the stitches make her look like. They are too straight to really say Harry Potter, but I'm not sure if it's anything else really, and yes that includes star trek. But I'm glad she is feeling better and that I got to bring her pie. =)

  2. :) She's healing fine. And acting perfectly normal.

  3. OH wow!! Watch out!! She's becoming as accident prone as Drewski!!!