August 27, 2011

Cinco. Los echo de menos!

Today is a glorious day. It just couldn't be better. I love that I get an opportunity to watch my sweet cousin's son. But all day, all week, I can't stop thinking about today. Today is StateStreet's birthday. StateStreet lives in Texas now and I would give so much to be able to go see her. To hug her and take care of her. She deserves to be spoiled today, a lot of days. Luckily she has an amazing husband.
StateStreet is simply hilarious, and fun to be around. She's blunt, honest, and the more she goes through life the more graceful & Motherly she becomes. She is also the second strongest person I ever met, and the daughter of the strongest. She doesnt know her own strength most of the time. But how many of us do?
Happy Birthday StateStreet! I waited till midnight last night to text her Happy Birthday. And at such time she said that what she wanted for her birthday was a blog update... Here you go :P!

This morning I made cinnamon rolls and when I pulled out my recipe book the Ipod fell out on to the floor! Yay! We have the Ipod back and I'm sure more pictures will be to come.
The stitches came out of LittleOne a while back and she's healing well enough that most people think it was just a bad scratch. Again pictures to follow.
We're good, my BetterHalf is getting steady again health wise. He just aced both of his midterms and is geting more and more passionate about his schooling each day. I'm good. I've been getting to a point where I feel like I'm accomplishing goals everyday. And I think Im starting to get the lessons Heavenly Father has been sending me. I love to have such a wonderful LittleOne as an example to me each day.
Again Happy Birthday StateStreet, I've rarely missed you so much.


  1. Thanks for the post!! I love you!!! I'm glad everything is going better...and you found your Ipod!! That's great!! You best believe me that 1. I would love to be near you and I miss you SOOO much and 2. you are much, much stronger than I can ever hope to be, and I learn from you constantly!