October 18, 2012

For Uncle Love

So I have been tagged by the man known to my LittleOne as UncleLove at his blog: Justin Stockett's Grand Adventure called Life. (Which is an awesome blog written by one of my favorite people.)
So according to his blog (which I read all the way through) I must now go forth and blog! (I don't always do what I'm told, but I will this time. Sometimes a contrary person needs to be complying so that people can't predict them as well.)
The five rules of the game are:
1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
2. Answer the questions the nominator asked, and create 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
3. Choose 11 people and link them in your post.
4. Go to the 11 people's pages and tell them.
5. No Tag backs! (Which means I can't tag UncleLove :( )

I'll try and see if I can get the whole 11 things here....

Uno: Today I got accepted into BYU for the second time. Many people know that, what you may not know is that the first time I was accepted it terrified me. Today it only excited me.

Dos: My BetterHalf and I speak almost the exact same Love Languages.

Tres: I spent the first 8 years of my life living in Washington state, the next 8 years living in California, and while it hasn't been consistent this time I am near my 8th year in Utah.

Quatro: For years I wanted to go by my middle name Dian, because it wasn't as popular as my first name.

Cinco: My dream (while it has slightly been tweaked over the years) of what I want to be when I grow up has basically been the same since I was four years of age. (Which is weird to think is now the age of my precious daughter.)

Ses: I would give anything to do what I feel is the right thing.

Siete: My favorite dog is a Husky. And when I was younger that did have something to do with the movie 'Balto'. Now its because I love how loyal, beautiful, strong, and protective they are.

Ocho: I do not consider myself crafty, though I do tend to make things. I can eat something and get a good idea on how to replicate it. But if it comes to making something look like something particular I'm almost helpless, I will usually be able to do it after having to take it apart and start over again about a dozen times.

Nueve: I honestly believe that my husband and I are soulmates, and that he is truly my BetterHalf.

Diaz: I truly believe that dreams do come true, and should never be given up on (though they do sometimes need to be altered or changed out).

Once: One day when my BetterHalf and I build our dinner theater our first show will be "Newsies" and the menu at our show will change every time the show does, to fit the atmosphere of the show.

The next questions are the ones that UncleLove wrote.

1. Favorite mystical/mythical animal?
Does Tom Bombadil from The Lord of the Rings count? He's not really human, and he is my favorite character in that series.... But if they must not be humanoid, then all the wise animals from Narnia. :)
2. Favorite place
My BetterHalf's arms, or the stage. Anywhere on the stage. Anywhere in his arms.
3. Most random childhood memory
I was playing on the playground at our apartments when I was 9. And one of my closest friends asked me where my horns and tail were, in all sincerity. She had been informed that Mormons have them. I was perplexed, and said that I didn't have any anymore than she did. Yeah... it was interesting.
4. What is something about yourself that you're proud of?
5. What is something awesome about yourself that I may not know?
I have written a published poem.
6. Favorite number.
7. What are your feelings on the matter of cheese? 
Excellent part of a diet that should be included. It affects texture, flavor, odor, nutrition and so on. But should NOT be had in excess, and should not be in most soups.
8. Favorite book or series, if not possible favorite genre.
Pearl of Great Price on non-fiction books. Elantris by Brandon Sanderson for the fictional group. As far as genre goes: fantasy. Though really any that is GOOD (by full definition of the word) and has well developed characters.
9. A quote you love?
"Don't let yesterday take up too much of today." or another is "It is necessary to have wished for death to know how good it is to live."
10. Someone you look up to in history
Albert Einstein.
11. Someone you admire in Present day? 


Now I get to come up with questions!

1. What are your feelings on Harry Potter?
2. What is your love language? If you don't know, then which would you rather have a)gift b)acts of service c)words of affection  d) physical touch or e) quality time, and why?
3. What country would you visit if you could? And if not any then why?
4. How do you like to relax?
5. Do you believe ignorance is bliss?
6. As an American do you feel any responsibility to vote? Or even to be in politics?
7. What are your top 3 favorite colors?
8. Do you or would you like to speak another language?
9. Are there any books you would suggest I read?
10. What are your feelings on nicknames?
11. What does music mean to you? 

So now I have chosen 11 people to do as I have done. I really hope these people will co-operate I would love to see how they respond:
One: Karen with Buzz at the Bowlers
Two: Adele with Merrily Karolys
Three: Hannah with Bittersweet Musings
Four: Alicia with Karolying
Five: Heidi with Hide'n'Hunts
Six: Atlas with Names aren't everything
Seven: Amanda with the Daily Grind
Eight: Leanna with Our Treasure Hunt
Nine: Maureen with Mean the Jelly Bean
Ten: Ruth with Grandma Hunt
Eleven:  Andrew with the Ground Hurts

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  1. You're missing Quality Time in #2! There are 5 love languages.

    Don't worry, I'll totally do this, it looks like fun