October 21, 2012

For CookieMonster.... Also

 So a while back, you may remember or could even go look now,  we were tagged to do an answer the questions about yourself thing, it was fun. :) I like sharing. Well, I then tagged an amazing friend/sort of relative of mine, and she asked that even though she couldn't tag us back. That I feel out the questions she had. So here's for you CookieMonster!

1. How did you come to blog?
Our blog was first created when we lived in ID as a way to help Grandparents keep in touch with us. Then it just became a place for fun & keeping in touch all around with people.
2. What is/are your favorite book/books?
My favorite fictional book is 'Elantris' by Brandon Sanderson (LOVE HIM AS AN AUTHOR!) My BetterHalf's favorite book (or atleast one of them) is 'Ender's Game' by Orson Scott Card (Who happens to be one of his favorite authors).
3. Who do you miss being around?
Right now, mostly  CatMan.
4. What is your favorite food?
5. What is/was your favorite job (or the one you hated least)?
I have so many mixed feelings here. I loved it at Trafalga, but things ended really bad there. I loved the cause for what I was doing at Liken the most, but there was a man there who made things ridiculous. Well, besides BRG I really haven't had a job I didn't like. 
6. What is your favorite hanging out activity?
I personally REALLY like playing card games while hanging out, or board games. Though eating is a really good one too. 
7. What motivates you to get out of the bed in the morning?
My LittleOne, and my BetterHalf. Then there's my great desire to simply accomplish things & not feel idle. 
8. Where is your favorite vacation?
With family, anywhere where there's A LOT of family but things are really relaxed. 
9. Do you like pictures being taken of you?
Yeah, actually, I really do. I think its fun, and a great way to preserve memories. I don't always like how I look in them when I see them, but I do love having them taken. 
10. How do you keep track of important things?
 .... I kind of catalouge them in my mind.
11. Why did you end up participating?
Simply because I love CookieMonster and she asked me to. 

Also on another note, I got accepted to BYU! I start in January, I think I'm going to try starting out with taking an english class, and a history class first. We'll see.  


  1. I really really like that picture you used of me. Btw, I can now officially say that I have read both you and Drew's favorite books. We should get together sometime and talk about the reasons why Elantris is your favorite book :)

  2. you read Elantris?! thats awesome!

  3. I really like that picture of you too Hannah.
    You are awesome :)
    And congratulations on getting into BYU!!

  4. -.- I see that I am not the person you miss being around the most right now...as is further evidenced by you never skyping with me. I bet you're skyping with "CATMAN"...