February 2, 2013

Me Amo..... Diez..... CookieMonster!

So I have been SUPER busy this last month. It has felt great today being able to take care of life's normal responsibilities. I am SO happy to be back in class! Because of midterms (that I mostly took yesterday) I have less homework & classes this weekend. (For any who missed it I just started at BYU. Its been VERY good for me.) So as I have been busy I have pondered much on what to blog next. I want to blog in recognition of my CookieMonster. (If I can claim her at all.)
CookieMonster has been super busy in her life as well, working a lot & just got engaged. Plus both of us without cars right now. I miss her a lot. But there is one beautiful thing about CookieMonster that I feel greatly needs to be recognized.
I have never had a friend like CookieMonster, it doesn't matter if she's living under the same roof or hundreds of miles away she has taken time to think of me, call & love me, she is ALWAYS understanding. And I LOVE that she isn't afraid to get after me when I am lame and forget to call her for weeks again.
I love CookieMonster dearly, she's helped me believe in myself in the last couple years when I have felt ready to break.
CookieMonster is going to make a great wife (& Mother one day). It makes me so joyous to see the genuine joy/happiness/gladness that she has found with Dr.Hero (her fiance). I'm grateful they have each other.
I am horrible at calling people and figuring out how to add them into the craziness I call life. But CookieMonster let's me know whats what. She is brilliant & we have had many deep conversations (as well as a LOT of laughs)! I value her opinion greatly from fashion, to gospel, life, culture, animals (including humans), and family. And ofcourse lots of things in between.
Thank you CookieMonster! You have a permanent place in our hearts & family! (And we're super happy for you & Dr. Hero! Thanks for being a part of her Dr. Hero!)

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  1. Aww this is amazing and makes me so happy. Nobody has ever given me such high compliments for friendship before =) Yay for believing in yourself! I'm so happy for you guys being all kinds of school people and stuff. I love our conversations about everything

    And, last but not least, I'm glad you appreciate my calling you and harassing you haha. Love you guys! Thanks so much for featuring me! It makes me super happy =)