April 30, 2012

Five Years into Eternity

April 20th was the marking of the first Five Years that my husband & I have had into our Eternal Love. We, each year on our anniversary, do family pictures. I haven't gotten all of the family pictures yet, but I did get a sample and I LOVE THEM. I'll only post my two favorite for now. (Thanks Cinderella, YOU ARE AMAZING! We can't wait to see the rest! (If you want to check out her stuff, she's on facebook! Moments in Time by Alicia Karoly)

When we got married our original plans for our wedding reception were to do my BetterHalf in a top hat & with a parade cane. We were also going to build a gazebo & do it at the Neilson Grove park. But we didn't have the money for the hat, cane, or gazebo, and got talked out of having it at a park. So this year we did our outfits in the colors of our wedding (Black & white with deep red & silver accents... oh and the pink is a LONG story). And added a fedora (That's what my BetterHalf wanted instead of the top hat), & parade cane; then in style with that added some hats and lace gloves on me & LittleOne. Also, (though you can't see them in these pictures) the dresses have some fabric white roses on them to match my wedding dress. And :) yes these pictures were taken at the Neilson Grove Park.
Thanks for the best Five Years, my Handsome BetterHalf. We have the best daughter, Thanks LittleOne for being so dramatic, caring, and smart!

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