April 30, 2012

The name Boyd

There once was a boy so PERFECT, so PREPARED, so SELF-LESS and WILLING, so SMART; he didn't need to stay on this planet. He didn't need these experiences. He died two days after birth. His name was/is BOYD.

I have felt closer to this man/boy than any other person (until I met my husband) even though he died 1 year and 3 months before I was born. He is my BROTHER. I love him.

Speaking of my husband... There is a man named BOYD that though I have seen him endure many trials; I have never seen him shirk from a RESPONSIBILITY, give less than HIS ALL, or stop being SELF-LESS. I am so blessed to see this man each day, and learn from him regularly. He is my FATHER-IN-LAW. I love him.

That SWEET and CARING man named BOYD. Named his youngest son, (though there were 3 before him) Andrew BOYD. This sweet man is my BETTER-HALF. Like his Father he is BRILLIANT, SELF-LESS, and ALWAYS GIVES HIS ALL. He is LOGICAL, PASSIONATE, WILLING, and PERFECT for Me. I Love him.

I love the name Boyd. And I Love my BOYDS.

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