April 30, 2012


So someone once asked StateStreet, one of my best friends, what my favorite food is and she responded that she didn't know, but was sure it was something homemade. :D Oh yeah, if its homemade I'm VERY likely to like it. There's just something AMAZING and fascinating to fresh food made with little to no additives or preservatives. And knowing whats in there. The more natural it can be made the better... Which leads to:
I love Sourdough bread. I got 2 recipe books for my birthday, one of them included a recipe for sourdough starter. I have been making sourdough left & right. And while he's been supportive I can tell my BetterHalf is tired of it. While I am NOT. I still love it! Thing is, the starter just keeps growing & I can't keep up with it. So... If anyone would like some homemade Sourdough Bread, or Sourdough starter just let me know :D. (That live in the area.) Besides that I just wanted to say I LOVE Sourdough.

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