March 11, 2011

Day 25 of the 30 Day Challenge

Day 25 - A picture of your day
Yeah. Here we go..... (Though admittedly these aren't necessarily from this day but rather from an every day activity around here)....

The day usually begins with one of us taking CookieMonster to school or work, and then going back to bed for a bit. Then whenever I feel rested or LittleOne does, we get up. LittleOne is NOT a morning person and insists on cuddles when she first wakes up. She likes cuddles quite a bit. So we usually cuddle and watch DisneyJunior or a movie.
Then the day consists of whatever needs to be done that day- cleaning, cooking, phone calls, or whatever. We eventually race to my room and wake up my BetterHalf with a big hug and I love yous.
More things to do and then I head to work, or if they need the car they give me a ride. Either way I give loves and leave to annoy people with phone calls asking for their time. From what I understand the next thing that usually happens is LittleOne & my BetterHalf's cuddletime. Then they do things like build forts or visit people and all sorts of that stuff. Oh and can't forget Legos. LittleOne loves legos.
By the time I get home from work it's around 10pm. So we unwind & I have dinner then we start getting LittleOne ready for bed. Which often leads to LittleOne trying to convince us to let her sleep in the living room.
We win in the end and after prayers (sometimes with CookieMonster, if shes home and awake) & scriptures which are often done like this- using a book with scripture pictures that leads to a discussion. Other times its actually reading scriptures. Then more cuddles, and loves. And bed time for LittleOne. After relaxing a little more and possibly getting other needs done. Often some cleaning. We all head to bed.

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