March 13, 2011

Day 27 of the 30 Day Challenge

Day 27 - A picture of yourself and a family member
(So that it is known, this was done simply by choosing the first pictures I found of each of us with someone we're related to but isn't eachother. No one was meant to be excluded.)

This is my BetterHalf with TC. He completes our amazing StateStreet (for those that don't know or remember, StateStreet is my cousin) now. They were married in December 2010 in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple. At the time of this picture TC was staying with us (or was semi staying with us, he did that for a while before he actually started staying with us). Him and my BetterHalf get a long great. Which is AWESOME! StateStreet and I wandered a couple times what would happen if our hubbies didn't get along. I'm glad to never have to find out. My BetterHalf and TC can talk for hours about so many things, and if they get tired of that they just start playing a game together. Oh yes. I love these two men. Though of course one MUCH better than the other :P.

This is my amazing Kare-Bear. I've already talked on here so much about her. But that's because she's worth it and has a big influence in our lives, always will. Nothing could ever replace or substitute or whatever her place. I miss her alot. LittleOne was talking about her earlier, we almost called to invite her to dinner tonight. Then I remembered that it's Sunday. She never spends a Sunday with us, even when she lived with us she pretty much never did. Sundays are always with her future inlaws. I'm glad she gets along with them. I just wonder why things have had to be the way that they are, in some ways, lately. I thought we were making progress at one point. But well. I just won't ever mean as much to her as I thought I did. And I'm learning to be ok with that. I'm just glad that she does have the people in her life that mean SO MUCH to her. She really does have some great role models she looks to. And I know one day she'll make a great wife and Mother. I really think her fiance could be a great missionary, but for her sake I kind of hope she won't have to wait that long to get married.

And this is once again TC with my LittleOne. TC is great with kids and LittleOne absolutely loves playing with him. He's a great tickler, plus mostly just fun to be around. When he first moved in with us, we asked LittleOne what she thought of that. First she said it was ok, and then she freaked out saying he was going to 'get her' (meaning tickle her). Don't worry, he did and she loved it. Still does. I'm glad TC is around. And I'm SO glad that StateStreet has him to help take care of her. Especially since I know she's still healing from the last year more than she wants most others to know. We really need to hang out with them soon.

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