February 14, 2011

Day 1 of the 30 Day Challenge

Day 1: Upload a picture of yourself with 10 fun facts

1.Both myself and my BetterHalf were born in Washington state.

2.BetterHalf didn't like country music until after we got together, despite the efforts of family and friends.

3. Before my BetterHalf could marry me he had to get the permission of all my brothers, including - JohnnyBoy, NCHooper, CelestialMat, and Atlas.

4. Our LittleOne started picking out her own outfit when she was about 7 months old, because she would pull off the clothes and have a fit if they weren't the ones she wanted.

5. LittleOne has always loved the sound of construction going on.

6. One day we want to own a dinner theater and be in every part of running it.

7. In our ideal home that we want to build, we want to own a good amount of land with enough space for growing a good portion of our own food and having a few horses and dogs... we also don't want it too close to other people but close enough.

8. LittleOne's birthday happens to be a combination of both of ours; I was born on the 11th, my BetterHalf was born in July. LittleOne's birthday is July 11th.

9. Originally my BetterHalf was going to wear a top hat and carry a cane for our wedding reception.

10. Water has a HUGE symbol in our relationship, and is one reason I'm so glad we got married at the Provo, Utah Temple. (LittleOne is obsessed with water too... and we have a waterfight every year on my birthday, no matter how cold it is.)

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