February 12, 2011

Gone - and Prince

My Kare-Bear just told me that someone she loves ran away from home. I tried doing that a couple times when I was like 5, so did most my siblings (granted when I was that young you had to run pretty far to get ANYWHERE since we were out in the middle of nowhere in WA).
But this person is an adult. The person left because their family wouldn't stop nagging them about some stuff, at least that's what Kare-Bear said.
I can understand that feeling, especially since everything we have gone through since being married. I don't know what this person thinks of me, I haven't for quite some time. But I have always loved this person as an individual, if I could talk to this person I would tell them to hang in there. That things are more worth it than they have any idea right now. It's rough, but you can survive. And you'll be more at peace with yourself when you do.
This kind of goes back to KJ, there were a couple times when I first got married that I called her up to get advice on how to handle how intimately my BetterHalf's parent's family use to be. It can be tough. But I have always known that it was with love, they do it because they love you. Now I'm starting to wonder how many times I have done that to my Kare-Bear when I didn't mean to.

On another topic...
We have a new car! We have bought our first car together. We got it paid in full with our tax return. It's a 1999 Ford Escort. The paint job isn't the best, though the longer we have it the more I appreciate it. But it's a clutch and runs BEAUTIFULLY! So no more having to worry about whether or not I'll be stranded at work when I get off. When we got it and then rushed me to work, we chose a name. Sierra instantly insisted on Prince. She loves Prince too. And in some ways the name is rather fitting. It's got a TON of torque to it. It kind of makes me think of say Aladdin or Flynn Rider. A prince just waiting and dealing with what he's got until the best comes a long. I think we'll be able to tame him, or at least enjoy the ride. We honestly LOVE our new car.

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  1. He is okay and home again. I talked to him for 3 hours tonight.. that is why I was kind of late coming home tonight.