February 27, 2011

Day 10 of the 30 Day Challenge

Day 10 - A picture of the person you do the most messed up things with

When I see this the first thing that pops to my mind is all the things that 'The Devil' has done with my BetterHalf. Yes.... Well.... So many stories come to mind. He's a great friend. He's an interesting guy, and so easily misunderstood :). I am so glad 'The Devil' has been in our lives. Even if he has made my BetterHalf's life so much more interesting, actually I can't say that. He's just been there along the way so he wasn't alone.

LittleOne's is also easy. LittleOne, though it may be a little redundant, is..... Kare-Bear. Yep, they are amazing together and so much fun together. I am happy to not know everything they have done together. But also so happy to know they have each other. How we love Kare-Bear. (PS There is a theory that Kare-Bear might be to thank in part for all of LittleOne's imaginary boyfriends.)

Mine is a little harder for me to figure out, this question has made me decide that I'm not really the kind of person that does 'messed up' things. But if I did this is probably the person I did it with. We were really close and hung out quite a bit and made fun of people, and well just everything I got into tended to be with him in one way or another. Granted we haven't talked much since I got married. But he'll always be someone I did have in that section of my life. Meet NiCOlEs...

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