February 22, 2011

Day 9 of the 30 Day Challenge

Day 09 - A picture of the person who has gotten you through the most

So there's a reason that this was our wedding party. In the backrow from left to right is A Scott, Johnny-Boy, Atlas, and Babble. Then the front row is Princessa Josephina, Kare-Bear, myself, my BetterHalf, and StateStreet. Now before I go further, something should be noted here, I am not including parents or spouses in this blog as people getting you through the most, because that's already kind of been done in this challenge. A Scott, Atlas, & Babble have really been there for my BetterHalf through more things than I can say! They deserve the biggest Thank Yous!
For myself well Johnny-Boy, Atlas, and CatMan have been my examples and my strength through more than I can even begin to expound upon! They are my brothers. (Catman is this other picture.) They have taught me and helped me always find & remember who I am.
There is really something special there between my younger sisters and myself. I don't know how much they care for it right now. But there is a part of me that will always yearn to Mother them. And through the background stuff I have done for them I have become who I am and been given a reason to keep going in my darkest hour. StateStreet, oh StateStreet. She is the daughter of the strongest woman I have ever known. And she has that strength. She has always loved & accepted me no matter how peculiar I have been. More than that through EVERYTHING she has loved my BetterHalf as well. And no matter what is going on in her life I have seen her drop things to help my family. Even if she considers herself selfish.
Kare-Bear. Kare-Bear has really helped LittleOne get through the most besides parents. They are best friends and really have needed eachother at times. I know they will miss living together. But I am so happy they have eachother through all the uncertainties of life. LittleOne adores her Kare-Bear. And Kare-Bear has given her so much when no one else would or could.

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