February 15, 2011

Day 2 of the 30 Day Challenge

Day 02 - A picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest

Just a while back our car broke down and wouldn't start when I got off work. My BetterHalf and his Father went to my work to get it and tow it home the day afterward. On the way his Father and I discussed how well they work together. He started telling me how he doesn't remember ever having any issues working with Andrew or any real conflicts between them. I've never seen a Father and son closer. They may have their rough times but on any given day I know both of them would love to go fishing together. They are wonderful, and an example to me separately as well as together.Ever since our LittleOne was in the womb her and my BetterHalf have had a special relationship. I know there are a lot of children that respond to their Father's touch and voice in the womb. But LittleOne would do things like kick me in the ribs over and over again until she heard my BetterHalf's voice then I'd feel her move more in the direction his voice was coming from. And ever since any time my BetterHalf has needed some extra strength she's gone looking to give him loves before most people would even be able to realize he needed them. And when the world's the worst, not just bad but the worst nobody will do but Daddy. There are many times she just needs to know he's there keeping her safe.

My Madre, my inspiration and strength in so many things. But even when I was little I always knew when my Madre needed something. And I've always wanted to be there with her. I've never feared becoming her, I like some things we have in common. She is the most giving, understanding, hard working woman I know. She's been through so much but keeps giving to others as she handles the hardest of cares with a smile. I'm one of the few people she ever cries to, and I love our relationship because of how much it grows. Thanks Madre.

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