February 20, 2011

Mixed Feelings

Just for the fact that it was posted, I think I should follow up...

I did not get the higher position at work that I was so unsure if I wanted. I don't mind, the person that did get it I thought was more qualified than me from the beginning. Though I do feel a little betrayed because my supervisor told me over and over again that he wasn't going to give the position up until he talked to me about it. He never did. Never said a single word to me, though I know he talked with some people. There is a part of me that feels like I just need to be patient, that there's a reason he hasn't talked to me. Then a lot of the rest of me feel's disrespected and mislead. Sometimes when I think about it I feel a new determination to find a better job, or atleast one that I could actually improve myself or truly be helping others. I don't know. My BetterHalf and I plan on going to the temple this Tuesday, and I want to pray about my current position.

I truly don't mind not getting the position, just not being told myself after being told so many times that my supervisor did want to talk to me. It leaves me wondering even more what I am seen like in my supervisor's eyes. Which is something I was already wondering. I'm certain as an individual he thinks highly of me, but I'm more interested in what he thinks of my work ethic and what not.

Despite how I was handled in the situation, I'm certain the Lord's Will has been done. He has given guidance and the person with the position really will do a good job. I have always wondered if they would get the next position, even before I knew that it would be open so soon. He's about equal to me in most aspects, but speaks spanish. And that is something I truly have always thought the position needed that I don't have. Not fluently. :-D I am happy. Thanks.

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  1. it's never any fun at all when people do that kind of thing. I'm sorry